Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Something old, something new

On Sunday after church Tom and I found a little Indian place tucked back among the stalls across from the bus station.  The smells and tastes of the food brought back memories from our time in India.  Each Sunday after church we would walk a few blocks to George's and enjoy their awesome food.  

We weren't quite sure what to order. And I cannot even tell you the names of everything we ate. There was a young man sitting at a table enjoying his lunch so we asked him what he was eating and then ordered what he had!! I love it when people are excited to share their culture with others. He directed us to a table and ordered the food for us. Everything he ordered was tasty and I'm sure we'll eat there again.  

This little place has been there for years.  We just hadn't ever walked back there before.  So we got to experience a new place that wasn't exactly new!

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