Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pray for Ukraine

Tom and I visited Kiev, Ukraine many times during the five years we lived in Russia. Often we would stay for 2 or more weeks at a time for Tom to teach there and for us to renew our Russian visas. Our youngest son, Spencer, lived there for a year. We have friends there. We know missionaries serving there now that attended language school with us in Russia.  Last night several of our friends were posting on Facebook about the young man in the photo.  He was 20 years old and was killed by the police. Protests have been going on in Ukraine since November. But, last night they turned deadly.

You can read about the violence here:

CNN:   Ukraine protest movement: At least 4 killed in clashes with police

Reuters: Ukraine opposition say they'll brave bullets after talks with Yanukovich fail

Washington Post: Ukraine’s protests are back. Here’s why.

Buzzfeed: World Economic Forum Drops Ukrainian Prime Minister As Protesters Die In Kiev

I won't print anyone's name, but, one friend said that things are getting worse and not better.  One said that it is very scary there.  One friend reported that television signals had been turned off and fears that they will lose their internet connection as well.  And yet another said that their only hope is in Christ and the prayers of believers.  All we can do from afar is watch and pray.  Please pray with us for Ukraine, her government, and her people.

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  1. oh wow that's so sad...definitely will keep Ukraine in my prayers for sure!!