Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take Back the Land Parade

Churches from Roaring Creek, Belmopan and a few other cities marched together as one body of believers to pray for the country, the people and to celebrate the 29th year of the independence of Belize. As floats, trucks and church buses began lining up around 6pm the Christian radio station was on hand doing a live broadcast to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments and by 7pm the parade was on its way to the first of five prayer stops.

The first stop was the police station where the Chairman of Roaring Creek opened the parade and gave safety instructions. Following that one of the local pastors gave the opening prayer for the marchers and for the country.

At each prayer stop a different pastor led the prayer. Several of the churches including ours, Shepherd's House had their worship teams on hand to keep the crowd pumped up with praise music all evening. At the main prayer stop the Mayor of Belmopan gave the churches a key to the city and prayed a prayer of blessing.

Due to the live radio coverage of the entire parade people were lined up along the entire parade route to watch and some even joined in the march behind various floats. Security officers and policeman were on foot, bicycles and horseback to keep the crowd under control.

The parade was so large that it was ended early for safety reasons so everyone could park and get settled in for the flag raising ceremony followed by fireworks.  This evening was very exciting for Tom and I. We were amazed that something like this could even take place. The religious freedom here is refreshing for us. And we feel so blessed to be a part of the work that God is doing here in Belmopan!

The float built by our church, Shepherd's House.

 The worship team is warming up and checking their instruments for the parade.

Miss Carla trusted this rainbow as a sign that the parade would not get rained out.  And it was dry all night long!!
Tom drove the van that followed behind the float.  There were a few times during the evening when the marchers would get back on and have a snack or a drink of water before rejoining the march.

All lit up and ready to go!!

Shots of the crowd and some of the marchers... the sign says "United Proud Moving Forward We are Belize"

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