Friday, September 10, 2010

We have a house!

We chose this three bedroom, 2 bathroom house!  The owner, pictured, came down on her asking price by $200 a month just so that we could afford the rent.  God is so good!

Partial view of the front room... the livingroom/dining area/kitchen is one big open space.

View of the other side of the room.

kitchen area.. we have to get a stove and a fridge.

We  move in today and I will get more photos up when I can.  We won't have internet at the house for a while.  This is a three day holiday weekend here so not much will happen until Monday.  It is simply amazing how much we have accomplished this week.  We got here on Monday and already we have a place to truly call home.  And we are both excited that this morning will be the last one that we get dressed out of our suitcases!!


  1. I am so glad! It looks so nice and clean and breezy. Congratulations!

  2. AussieMaz11:55 PM

    Yay for finding somewhere to live!!
    Enjoy appliance shopping!

    Hope the moving in goes well.

  3. That looks like a really cute house.