Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hurricane Richard

On Sunday as we were watching TV to learn about  Hurricane Richard we heard the reporter say "Richard is not in the street, he is in our front yard and will be barging through the door very soon".

He was right.  Richard came barging in, cutting off power, dumping pounding rain on us, uprooting our trees and taking off neighboring roofs before he left.  He was not a welcome guest.  He came in uninvited and left a mess behind.  

The privacy fence suffered some damage

 This tree was not uprooted

but it was knocked over by the wind

my favorite palm was badly hurt

 our neighbor's tree

 Tom and I went up to our roof to check out
the damage on our street

 a helicopter was out surveying the city

 our cable tv line is down 

Tom and his machete... a happy pair.

We are very grateful that no lives were lost in this hurricane and that damage was minimal.  According to our neighbors this was the first hurricane they have actually experienced first hand.  Belmopan normally just gets the rain because by the time a hurricane gets this far inland it is usually downgraded to a tropical storm or a depression.  Richard stayed a hurricane with pounding rain and high powered winds. 

Like most of our neighbors we spent the night listening to Love FM news all night.  They were the only station with a generator so they were able to keep broadcasting all night long.   Neighbors were out on Monday checking in on each other and cleaning up.  I will post more photos this week.  It has been a long day of mopping up rainwater and hauling tree limbs out to the curb.  But we are able to say in the words of several of our neighbors...

"Thanks God!"


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    So glad you are safe and sound. Great pictures. God is good. Perhaps the snow of Russia is starting to look calm by comparison???

  2. Thanks!

    To answer your question in some ways yes! The snow and ice were predictable and mostly uneventful :-)