Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday displays...

After leaving the tree lighting last Friday with our bellies full of garnachas and tamales we walked over to Cardinal's grocery store to get some soda. The line for the free soda at the tree lighting ceremony was just too long to handle. 

As we walked into the store we saw this Christmas display
of Santa and his reindeer. 

Standing in line to pay we noticed this display above the doorway.

I wasn't totally shocked to see a Nativity scene here but very surprised it was in the grocery store and not in front of someone's home.  I mean this is the place where people come to shop, pay their electric bills or put money on their cell phones.  Does this even happen anymore in the states?

This year we spent New Year and Russian Orthodox Christmas in Krasnodar, Russia, Easter in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Fourth of July in Dallas, Texas.  Each location had it's own take on the holidays.  Russian Christmas has Ded Moroz in place of Santa Claus.  And in Istanbul only a handful of people celebrated Easter.  We were fortunate to find an English speaking Christian church for the Easter service and while the church was packed it did not compare to the number of people we saw headed toward the mosques when the calls to prayer were sounded.

Since our arrival to Belize we have enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving and now we are looking forward to the Christmas and New Year's celebrations. We are excited about seeing and experiencing all that the holiday season has to offer.  We are eager to try the holiday dishes and learn how the this country celebrates its holidays.

When Mayor Simeon Lopez spoke at tree lighting he reminded everyone that the purpose of the Christmas holiday is to "commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ".   Keeping that in mind as we face our first Christmas without our loved ones around we have hope that we too will have a Merry Christmas here in our newly adopted country.


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    you don't see many nativity scenes here anymore.. It's really neat hearing about you adventure.. can't wait to read more.

  2. Dear Alida,
    Thanks for stopping and commentng and becoming my follower. You are taking that inch beyond the big step and living your life to the fullest. I salute you. It's something I was just referring to. I am now your follower and looking forward to your life of adventure. Manzanita
    Wanna buy a duck

  3. Wow! What a life! It is so fun to "see the world" through another's eyes as we often wear different lenses. Where one sees awesome beauty, history, and culture; another sees age, filth and difference. What a beautiful post and I am so happy you stopped by my blog so that I could "know you." Holiday Blessings, Janet

  4. Just reading about the places you've traveled to this year inspires some serious wanderlust!

    (New follower from Follow Friday.)

  5. How wonderful to be able to experience the holidays all over the world!! My husband and I are looking forward to spending more time together traveling and learning about different areas. Your right about the nativity, I have seen none on display here, unless they are part of a sales display and that just doesn't count. Thank you for stopping by by my blog, I am now following and can't wait to hear more about your life in Belize! Have a blessed Christmas!!

  6. How exciting!! Getting to see the Holidays all over the world! Fun! We're so glad to have you over at Truly Lovely!!! Thanks for the follow!!!

  7. No, no nativities any place anymore. I understand why but it is kind of sad too.
    I think it is very cool of your adventures in different countries.
    Thanks for coming by.
    I am now your follower.
    Peace...Naila Moon

  8. Wow, you have covered a lot of ground this year. You might have already said this somewhere, but I missed it. How is it that you have been in all these places?

    I had the good fortune to live in several countries. One of the things I most enjoyed was experiencing holidays in different cultures. Some were holidays I knew, like Christmas, but celebrated in a different way. Others were holidays unique to where I was living.

    Enjoy a blessed holiday season and thanks for sharing with us!

  9. thanks for stopping by everyone!

    we lived in Russia for 5 years because my husband had a job there... we had to renew his work visas outside of Russia and that took us to other countries. It was cheaper to fly from Russia to Turkey than any other country that had a Russian Embassy.

  10. Wow Alida, love your blog. Now I can live vicariously through your travels after getting the littles down for a nap!

  11. I just became a new follower on your blog. I appreciate you visiting mine through Friday Blog Hop.

    How interesting to see how Christmas is celebrated in Belize.

    I went to a hardware store today and in the window was a sign that read: "This IS a Merry Christmas store! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year." I applauded the owner when I went inside, How sad that that kind of moment is rare here in North America.

  12. Hi - I'm an expat Brit living in Dubai. It's my first christmas here and its weird right. Trying to keep familiar things around me like the tree, a christmas day lunch in an english pub blah blah. But in the days we go to the beach? Strange! Have a good one. :) XX

  13. Interesting blog! I love to travel and am an expat too of about 15 years.Originally from the UK and for now in California.

  14. I live in the bible belt so a nativity is very much part of the glad that even in the grocer they are keeping the CHRIST in CHRISTmas.

    Love your travels, hope you find joy without your loved oned in your season.

    Surfin in from the Sunday Hop...come by Lucy's when you get a chance.

  15. I just found you via Women of the Harvest blog roll on the Coffeegirl page. What a great blog you have, and so many followers. I'm looking forward to reading more about your life in Belize.