Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Belizean Fast Food

Tom and I went to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony here in town last week and part of the fun at any event we have gone to here in Belmopan are the food vendors with their carts or a picnic table spread with food... they rarely disappoint. 

Here in Belize these little tostadas are called Garnachas.

 And in my Belizean cookbook they are in the category of Maya & Spanish recipes.  I am sure that each family has their own special twist in making them but the basic recipe is fairly simple.

3 fried corn tortillas per person
grated cheese
diced onions
refried beans
shredded cabbage

Spread fried tortilla with refried beans and garnish with onions, cabbage and grated cheese.

These tasty little treats are sold just about everywhere... at the outdoor market, in front of stores and anytime a large crowd is milling about at an event.  Rest assured that no matter where you go in Belize some entrepreneurial person is making garnachas and selling them 'tree fo a dolla!'


  1. If you could just run into town, pick one up for me and send it priorty mail, that would be fine.
    I'll be waiting here in the office. I am starving!
    Have a great day!!

  2. That looks pretty yummy! I wonder how well they would freeze and reheat. Seems like a good snack for after a workout or something!

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  4. Oh my, that looks good!

    Wow, your travels sound really interesting. I've lived in Wi my whole life...hope to travel more someday, though:)

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