Monday, November 05, 2007


Monday, November 5, 2007

Today is the Day of the National Unity. This is the newest Russian holiday. I read an article that said many people don't know the real name if this holiday. The Kremlin has attempted to give today historical significance by relating it to the 1612 expulsion of Polish and Cossack troops who briefly seized Moscow at a time of political disarray.

I am thankful for a day off from school...this rainy day was spent lounging around the apartment and watching movies!

Tom did some chores, Spencer listened to music while cleaning his room and chatting with his friends, I did some knitting. Just another lazy day in the Sharp house.

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  1. I could use a day off! I need a day to catch up from our busy weekend.

    How interesting to learn the history of another country - first hand! Did I ever tell you how much I envy you?

    What's on your needles? I'm almost finished with the back of a sweater I am making for myself. I'm a little nervous about the fit. I'm using a different yarn than what the pattern suggested. I did the whole gauge thing so I hope it works!