Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our lesson this week has been on superstitions. I am not saying that all Russians believe these but these are a few that we were taught or were told to us by our Russian friends:

If you spill salt it means you will quarrel with someone
If you find a horseshoe on the road that is lucky
Whistling in the house means you will lose your money
An empty bottle on the table means someone will die
If you give someone a tissue they will cry
If you give someone something sharp there will be a quarrel
If your eyes itch you will cry
If your left palm itches you will receive money
If your right palm itches you will meet someone
If your cat washes himself that means guests are coming
If you break a dish that is lucky
If you hand someone money over a threshold that is bad luck
If your cheeks are burning someone is saying something positive about you
If your ears are burning someone is speaking negatively about you
If you wash your hair before an exam all the knowledge you have acquired will be lost
If you have not studied before an exam, sleep with your textbook under your pillow and you will wake up with the info
Newborns cannot be shown to people for 40 days or someone could put an evil eye on them
The number 13 is unlucky
If a black cat crosses your path you have a go a different route
If you leave home and forget something and you decide to go back and get it… you have to look in a mirror to avoid bad luck
If your son looks like his mother and your daughter like her father your fate promises to be happy
If you were talking about someone or you happened to think about them and then see that person, he/she will have a long life

What superstitions do you know about?


  1. Oh My Goodness! How could anyone keep up with all of those! My mother's family is from Russia and she believed a few of these - It would have been an unbearable household had she believed in ALL of them!

  2. I gathered these up from several different sources,it was interesting what people remembered from their grandmothers!

  3. Interesting to note some of the Russian superstitions are quite similar with other cultures! The Word of God sets us free from these untruths.

  4. If you receive a knife as a gift, you must in return give the person a coin because the it's bad luck to "give" a knife. Instead, the gift must be a "transaction" hence, the coin serving as payment.