Friday, November 30, 2007

dirt or mud?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stephanie made two birthday cakes for Megan. One called "dirt" and the other called "mud". And as you can see they both had gummy worms in them!

After Steph explained to the kids what kind of cakes she had to offer she asked one child which he would prefer. He thought for a while and in a very serious tone he said " I'll have the dirt!"

The dirt was good, but I like the mud better!!


  1. So cute! What did she make the dirt out of??

  2. the dirt was chocolate pudding with crushed cookies on top... and the mud was chocolate cake with chocolate pudding on top!

  3. They both look quite yummy.

  4. I'd have to take the dirt but really any chocolate is good!

  5. what was in the mud? i've had dirt!

  6. oops. scratch that. just read joann's question.

    i'm sleepy! should get to bed.