Thursday, July 24, 2008

we made it!

We are tired, hot and glad to be back in our own home!

Tom, Spencer and I slept quite a bit yesterday but we still have some catching up to do. We left California on the 22nd not knowing how we were going to get from Moscow to Krasnodar. But, we were all flexible on the how and the when so after we arrived at the Moscow Airport I went to the travel agency and asked about flights to Krasnodar... we were able to get tickets that day and were home four hours later!

We were picked up at the airport by Vladimir, the father of Spencer's friend Vlad. He drove us home and helped us carry our bags up four flights of stairs. We had to knock on our own door because someone had placed the slider on and our key wouldn't work. We were greeted by Lena P. who was making our dinner! It feels so good to have friends who are thoughtful enough to take care of small details like that. She cleaned the apartment after fixing dinner and left us with plenty of water and clean sheets.

Our internet was down yesterday so we are all taking turns catching up on email and current news... so if you are waiting for an email from one of us please be patient and we will answer as soon as we can!

Thanks for praying for us and may God richly bless you!!


  1. Glad you are home safely. It was so fun to see you again!

  2. Yay! Glad you are safely back. And don't try to call and tell me you aren't.

  3. Gotta love home, huh?

  4. Glad to know you all are back home safe and sound.