Tuesday, July 01, 2008

big city grief!

Spencer and I went out by ourselves today to find a FedEx office and run a few other errands. It took us three hours including time spent on the subway, purchasing a map, reading the map, asking several people for directions as the loud roaring subway went by, and then finally deciding to go straight to the American Embassy and ask there for directions. The police officer guarding the gate for American citizens sent us straight there!!

There is a Russian proverb that says "your tongue can take you all the way to Kiev". We put that to the test today and it truly was amazing the number of people who were willing to stop and help us figure out where we were going... I think most of them were just relieved that I was asking in Russian!

After our morning adventure Spencer and I treated ourselves to lunch at TGI Fridays, one of the benefits of a big city, and just as we finished our meal Tom sent me a text message letting me know that he was awake and ready to see some sights! We met him at Red Square and went to the GUM (goom) to see all the exclusive shops... for those of you in Southern California it is somewhat like South Coast Plaza Mall, the high end side.

Outside in the square Tom pointed out the stone circle where Ivan the Terrible had people beheaded. It gave me an eerie feeling to walk up the stairs to look at it.

We just loved seeing the beautiful colors on the roofs of St Basil's and it trulywas an awesome feeling to stand in Red Square and admire the architecture and the grandeur of the Kremlin!

Please keep us in your prayers as we leave here in the morning for our flight to America. We will be flying through New York to LA!!

And "thank you" to all who prayed for our highschool friend with cancer... her surgery went well and they believe they got it all!


  1. Fun! and nice to have a taste of home at Friday's. Hoping that Tom is feeling well!

  2. Praying for a safe trip. Make sure to take pics when you meet up with the other PW's

  3. Praise God and safe travels.