Friday, August 21, 2009

mmmm.... sushi!

So far the best sushi I have had here in Krasnodar can be found at The Gray Goose Restaurant across from the Galleria! Everything was fresh and delicious... and for sushi that is just how it should be!
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  1. Hello what a beautiful display. I am so glad you enjoyed your meal.
    Be blessed

  2. Wow, those look HUGE, and the coffee looks AMAZING as well! Man, now I'm hungry!

  3. Oh, it looks delicious!!

  4. Sushi in Russia? Now THAT's a surprise. We eat sushi here on the US west coast. What's the Japanese population like over there?

    (Did I mention that my son studied Russian in college?... a recent grad. He and my husband have been to Moscow, twice. They have a heart for ministry to the Russian people.)