Thursday, June 10, 2010

Russia to double the price of vodka

Russians are going to be paying more for their most popular beverage. According to Sergey Shatalov, Deputy Finance Minister, the minimum price for a 0.5 liter bottle of vodka will double over the next three years.

The Finance Ministry suggests that the current price for half a liter of vodka, which sits at about $3.00, will be raised to $6.50 dollars in 2011-2013. The prices will increase gradually over the period.

 “Vodka is not a necessity. It shouldn’t be cheap,” said Shatalov.

The measure will be part of a bill currently being drafted by the Ministry.


  1. The sad thing is this will most likely just create a black market for vodka :( or more самаогон. Guess I should be more positive!

  2. Cora,
    Sadly you are right.

    It may also lead to people drinking things that contain alcohol but are cheaper to buy like cleaning products. There was a rise in alcohol poisonings here the last time there was an increase in the alcohol prices.