Wednesday, June 02, 2010

thought for today

Folks always say, "You come in this world alone, and you must leave it alone."  They ought to know better.  Because it isn't so.  It's not that way at all.  The child comes to life very much attached and stays attached and is mired all its life in a soup of relations.

River, Cross My Heart
by Breena Clarke

As we pack to move this soup of relations we are in feels warm, savory and comforting. Five years of building friendships and making connections seems like such a short time.  But, I am sure there will be much grieving ahead once we fully realize how much life and relationships here have impacted us.


  1. I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

  2. That is very true! Hoping that as you leave your Russian friends that you are able to keep in touch well.