Monday, December 05, 2011

I got fifty can I get sixty?

We went to our first auction here in Belize on Saturday.  It was held by the American Embassy.  There were home furnishings, tents, cars, computers and so much more up for grabs.  On several of the bedroom sets the bidding got quite intense. People wait all year for this sale and they came with cash on hand to spend.

We went the day before the auction to scout out the merchandise.  Several things caught our eyes as we wandered around the room.  Our needs were modest.  Tom was looking for an office chair to use in his art room while he paints and I was looking for a recliner to put in our bedroom for me to have my quiet times in.

We saw several lots with office chairs so Tom snapped a photo to remember which lot to bid on.

He also thought file cabinets would be good to have for the right price...

This box of photos was being sold for the frames so that went on our list

I was looking for a recliner for our bedroom

And we were curious about how much the computers would go for...

We got up early the next day and withdrew funds from the bank because it was a cash only sale.  We were surprised by the turnout.  Even with the rain Tom estimated about 400 people were there...some came and went.  Some came just to watch.

If you wanted to bid you had to sign in and pay 10 Belizean dollars for a paddle. 
When you turned the paddle in you got your money back.

The auctioneer was seated at the front of the room...

There were vehicles up for auction parked outside...
We were successful in our bid for the recliner and it is now in the corner of our bedroom! I enjoy reading there and feel even more at home with having a space that is mine.  Tom was not able to get the lot of office chairs.  However, a fellow missionary friend of ours was the top bidder on a different lot and he was willing to sell Tom one of the chairs.  Tom is so pleased.  It is in his art room and is much nicer than the ones he was bidding on!
Each moment yields precious gifts for which we may be grateful...

430. the group of missionaries that we are a part of here in the community.

431. and how those budding friendships led to Tom's new office chair.

432. a cozy space to read and meditate.

433. Butterfinger Cookie Pie

434. memories of past Christmas trees
Christmas 2009 in Russia

435.  finding old Christmas photos of the whole family
Christmas 1999 in Costa Mesa, California

Christmas 2005 Krasnodar, Russia

438.  Tom and Spencer and their willingness to try new recipes.

439.  Christmas display on the lawn at the Mexican Embassy.

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  1. How cool is it to attend an auction! i've never been....this is rad my friend....I bet you're loving that chair:) it's probably a good thing I don't go to them cause I wouldn't be able to control myself:) loving these family photos---just beautiful!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    how fun tryin new recipes! I hope you had a lovely weekend. And a blessed week :)

  3. It's been years since we've made it to an auction, but they certainly can be lots of fun!

    Another wonderful list! I love the old Christmas photo... You have a beautiful family. :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Alida, I have only been to one auction...and it was not anything as yours, interesting,exciting, with "good" stuff...I had gone with the boys daddy to a sale barn auction...selling "cows"... LOL
    but it goes down as an experience, and he was happy that I and his little sidekick, Craig was there with it not one of the best, it was one of the best! Know what I mean....Joy sometimes hides in ugly packages don't they?

  5. Wow..looks like you found some cool things at the auction! Lots to be thankful for too!

  6. You were lucky this year! We went a few years ago, and all the Belize City shopkeepers were out in force- everything went super expensive (try $600+ for ONE CHAIR). Have you ever been to an auction in Spanish Lookout? Tons of fun.

  7. That looks like fun and you came home with quite the stash!