Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

What I found:

Last week on our trip to Spanish Lookout I found candy corn...
which means I can finally give these a try!

What I am still looking for:

Hopefully, closer to Christmas Eggnog will show up in one of our stores so we can enjoy this:

What I plan to make this week:

I found this recipe on Pinterest...I am so grateful that bananas are never hard to find here!

*Click on the links under the photos to find the recipes.

What treats are you thinking of for this week?


  1. Oh my...I need some sweets in my life!

  2. I am drolling! i agree with Mrs. Pancakes ... def. need some sweets in my life too!

  3. Sweet banana flatbread. Now that sounds good!

  4. Anonymous3:50 PM

    eggnog pie.. yummm :)

  5. Seriously, Eggnog pie!?! Wow. I can only imagine the calories but I'm sure it tastes great xx

  6. the cheese, carrot sticks and handful of cashews I am snacking on just don't seem so tasty suddenly. your treats are much more tempting!

  7. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but that eggnog pie looks delightful!

  8. Anonymous6:31 AM

    All these look so tasty. I can't bake too much these days as I am on my own......need somebody to share these great treats with. But I keep them in mind!!