Monday, December 17, 2012

Toilet paper roll Christmas wreath

I am not sure how many people save these
but we do...
cuz that's how we roll!  

The idea for this wreath came from Pinterest.  
The original post is here .  

The instructions are in Hungarian, however, when I put the site through a translator not all of the words were translated.  Here is a short tutorial on how we made our wreath.  I don't really have detailed notes on each step.  We were winging it just from the pictures.

I found that if you flatten the roll first it is easier to work with...

Divide the roll into four sections...

cut into strips...

We painted the insides a darker green...
Then we painted the outsides a lighter green...

 Hot glue five petals together to form a flower

Before you glue the flowers together that you have can work on your layout.  
I chose to do 12 flowers on the bottom layer and six and the top layer.

In the original she used 10 on the bottom and 7 on the top.
Once you decide how large you want yours then hot glue the flowers in a circle.

I couldn't find red beads here in Belize so we cut circles out of red foam and hot glued those on 

Now it's hanging on our front door!

We have a few more crafts to finish as we continue to decorate for Christmas.
This was a fun and easy project to start off with!


  1. What a creative use for toilet paper rolls and such a cute wreath. I used the for other projects but hadn't seen one for a wreath.

  2. That is so pretty!! Very cool idea!

  3. What a beautiful wreath! Wow!

  4. great idea, very creative...

  5. I'm going to do that with all the little kids next year.