Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Come and see!

I love the come and see moments in life.  Perhaps your son wants you to see a picture they just finished, or your husband takes your hand and leads you outdoors to see the sunset, or a friend calls you to view children at play in the neighborhood.  No matter what the come and see moment turns out to be...I have rarely been disappointed in it! 

Go and see what wonders God has placed in this world.
Go and learn from those moments.  
Meditate on them and ponder them in your heart.

Last week Tom called me to come and see.  A beautiful butterfly awaited...posing for a photo on the screen of our backdoor.  As someone who lives with fibromyalgia there are times when I would rather just sit with my feet up or lay in bed and not move.  Tom knows that when I don't feel well I don't always respond favorably to those calls.  But, this day, in spite of how I felt, I went with camera in hand to answer his call to come and see.  And I am indeed grateful for the reward.  God's creation always amazes me.  It always fills me with a sense of wonder.
How did He create so many different varieties and shades of gorgeous?
  Why did He put such detail into His work?
  What a mighty and awesome God is He!  

Why not stop what you're doing right now and look in the mirror?  Follow the spirit's call to a come and see moment. Take keen notice of the beauty of the person in your mirror.  No matter the circumstances of your exist because God willed you into existence.  You were created, designed, and hand crafted into being by the Creator, Designer, and Author of the universe.  You have over 10,000 genes and 23 pairs of chromosomes that were all hand picked by Him.  You are beautiful and you were deliberately created by the power of His loving breath.  God smiled and rejoiced as He watched your birth.

During this season of celebrating the birth of Christ take some time to stop, to come to Him, and gaze deeply on the realities of Christmas.  Ponder the fact that Christmas leads us to Easter, notice that the impact of Easter ushers us into a relationship with Him for all eternity.  None of this was a coincidence.  It was planned and executed perfectly because of His sacrificial love.

May we live a life worthy of that Love during this Christmas season and all the days of our lives! 

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  1. I love the small moments in which God speaks to us!!

  2. Hey Miss Alida! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I miss you! Haven't seen your faithful posts and it makes me worry about you. I pray that everything is ok and you are just taking a much needed break! :)