Monday, December 02, 2013

HOPE under construction...

Bethel Disciples International Church

not all of the outside walls are finished but the doors are beautiful!

There is a cross in the front of the church and at the back...

Jeremy and Jose setting up a makeshift screen for powerpoint...

It takes all of us to get things set up for the service...

just had time to take a photo of one side before the service started!

Our pastor is still out of the country but members of the congregation stepped up to fill in while he was away.  We were blessed by a word from our brother, Lemuel, yesterday!

The first candle of Advent is Hope.  We felt the Hope of this season as our church gathered for Sunday worship in this unfinished building. The church is just a shell right now and there is much to do before we move in to the space permanently.  A short term mission team is here from the states to do some work on this project and it was a blessing to have them in the service with us.  

During this season of preparing room in our hearts for the coming of Christ may we each seek eagerly after Him.  I trust that this Christmas won't be all about the gifts or lack thereof under you tree because no matter how much or how little you have He is the reason we celebrate!!

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  1. Wow, Alida, the church is looking beautiful.