Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We celebrated New Year's Eve by eating a late dinner and then watching a movie as a family. We stopped the movie at about 11:45 to hear Putin's address to the nation. He came on at 11:55 and went off at midnight... although it seemed as if they suspended time on the clock for a few more seconds past midnight for him to finish his speech!

As soon as his speech was done our neighbors started up with fireworks. Many of our neighbors have gotten wealthier over the past year... the fireworks were bigger than ever! We had a beautiful view of all the goings on and truly enjoyed it. We could see the fireworks from our region and from a neighboring region with our great balcony view.

With as loud as it was it almost felt like a war zone. There was a small fire down in our courtyard from one of our neighbors sending a Roman candle off their balcony. Thank God it put itself out very shortly after beginning.

We finished our movie and then tried to call our neighbors and friends to wish them all a Happy New Year... I was able to get through to Olya and Vova. We were invited to come right over. So we bundled up and headed out! The girls Eera 3, and Yanna 1, were wide awake and they were ready to party. Olya had plenty of food, salads, duck, candy, and juices. We ate what we could, only to be polite because we had a full meal before going over there. They had several guests show up while we were there. It was amazing to be at someone's home at 1 am and people were still calling and ringing the doorbell.

May God grant you peace, health and abundant love in 2008!


  1. Our party was wrapping up at that time! We had friends over for games and they went home about 1:30.

    When you listened to Putin, did they have an English translation or were you able to understand what he said?

  2. It was all in Russian! We are understanding more each year... he used a verb or two I didn't know but I understood the overall message!