Saturday, January 26, 2008

heads or tails?

Saturday, January 26, 2007

Recently, I got a call from our Russian ministry partner asking me to go over and meet with a couple of women who are working at a Rehab center here in town. I called Joy to go over with me and boy am I glad that I did!

We had a great conversation with these gals, while they were preparing a meal for the residents of the center. They showed us around the center. There is one bedroom for Lena and Olya, one bedroom for all the men, and a living room where some of the men sleep on the floor. There is one bathroom for all the occupants of the house. Olya and Lena make 3 meals a day for about 10 men. They do all the laundry in the bathtub and they keep the house clean. They are worn out!

The kitchen that they have is in the entry way of the house. And when you stand at the stove or the sink which are side by side you have to move out of the way whenever someone wants to go in or out of the bathroom. There is very little counter space... Olya was slicing the hard boiled eggs, and chopping onions in the bedroom just off the kitchen. On the front of the stove there was only one knob for adjusting the temperature all the others had come off. Lena had to move that knob from one burner to the next to adjust the temperature.

Lena was making a huge pot of fish soup (she is from Siberia) and she wanted us to taste this dish the way she makes it in her home town. As we drank our tea and chatted we watched her add the ingredients for the soup.

Chopped hard boiled eggs (fried in Butter)
Chopped onions (sauteed fried in vegetable oil)
Three cans of fish (heads, tails and skin included)
Fresh Parsley

We tried to get up and leave without eating (we did have a meeting to attend at the BLTC) but Lena was insistent that we have at least two spoonfuls of her soup... she meant two ladles full! Joy told her that we would share a bowl. Our bowl contained a fish tail and thankfully no heads! As we were eating Joy leaned in to me and whispered in English "I draw the line at eating the tail!" I tried not to laugh out loud.

The kicker is I hate fish and Joy knew it... I am very grateful to her for eating the bigger pieces of fish in the bowl and allowing me to eat the smaller ones!

So where do you draw the line... heads or tails!?


  1. Yew! That sounds awful! It's too bad you couldn't use "I'm allergic to fish" as an excuse to get out of it!

  2. I will have to remember that excuse for next time!!!