Monday, June 02, 2008

how high would you climb?

"Alida come here and look at this!"

Tom called me to come over to our balcony... there were two boys up in the tree literally right outside our window. No big deal you might say. Except that we live on the fourth floor!!!

The tree is a cherry tree. One of the boys was stuffing cherries into his pockets as he climbed from limb to limb. The other one, Vladik, was eating them! We know who Vadik is because he introduced himself to Spencer shortly after we moved here. Vladik is an amazing boy. He has one arm and never lets that stop him from doing anything... even climbing 4 stories up a cherry tree!

Vladik is also the polite one... he yelled "hi" to Tom as he took a break from eating his cherries!


  1. That's amazing! What a mind set.

  2. Are those cherries like the ones I would expect to be cherries? You have a much earlier spring than us if that is true.

    And a four story fruit tree? It must look amazing in bloom.

  3. yep, they are the kind of cherries that you would expect to be cherries! I guess we do have an earlier sping here. And this tree is gorgeous when it is in bloom!