Monday, June 30, 2008

We are in Moscow!

We arrived here in Moscow late last night after a 27 hour ride on the train! It was an interesting cultural experience... most people just changed their clothes right out in the open. And there was a pregnant woman who sat in her underwear and t shirt for most of the first day. It was very hot so it was understandable! The train was very clean and they came through and mopped the floors, offered tea and took away the trash. Aside from the air-conditioning not working it was a a nice train!

Today we were able to make our way to the American Embassy and Spencer applied for his adult passport. The man who waited on him congratulated him on turning 18 and kept calling him Mr. Sharp!

Tom and I decided to have extra pages put into our passports. It was a free service and it took about a half hour to get it done. Our passports are good until 2014... but we were concerned about running out of space for the stamps they need to put in when you cross a border. If there is no room in your passport you can be denied entry!

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