Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Live Language!!

One of the new verbs that we learned this week is one that means to reap, cut or mow. It is also used for shaking hands or for saying that a piece of clothing is very tight and is squeezing you!

Today I heard this verb used on the bus.

There was a woman behind me who was quite upset with the lady who sat down beside her. She accused her of squeezing! Her seatmate was quite indignant in her response to the accusation.... curtly replying she did no such thing.

Even thought I knew that both the ladies behind me were upset with one another... I was thrilled to have understood the conversation!!


  1. How funny! I love when I get to use a new word right away.

  2. Hello Alida, I'm wondering if that is the same verb I used once at the hairdressers, when I innocently asked her to mow my hair. ;) Thank goodness we were able to clarify with pantomime on that one. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss. And thank you for sharing. I find things *go to pieces* when I'm in the States. . .come back several points heavier. . . not good for me. Take care Eileen

  3. Not only is it great to understand others speaking your target language, but it is a real confidence-booster when native speakers understand your use of their language!

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures learning Russian, as it seems you are working hard and learning a lot. Congratulations and keep up the great work (and blogging!) :)