Monday, July 06, 2009

the joys of summer

Fresh fruit is delightful part of summers here in Krasnodar. Tom found these great peaches at the outdoor market and to my dismay the photo does not transmit to you the joy of tasting how sweet they are!! We have been enjoying them in fruit salads, served with granola and yogurt for breakfast, using them in smoothies,  or just eating them plain!!

What are you doing with your fresh fruit?!


  1. Good Morning! Those look wonderful.
    How are you these days?? It was nice to receive your well wishes of the week end. It was nice. Oh fresh fruit...I am just enjoying it as is. in hand joy! I would imagine that the peaces are much more of the tree ripened type than here in the states.

  2. Hi!
    I was wondering who in krasnodar is reading my blog :)

    LOVE peaches: I'll be posting a recipe for peach/blueberry cake later this week.

    The photos of the train brought back awesome memories of when I was a little girl and traveled from Moscow to a little town in Ukraine!

  3. Olga, I am looking for ward to that recipe!!

    Donetta, I do buy produce from people who sell in the outdoor markets... we are buying from local growers and it is great!

  4. I have a honeydew melon ripening in my kitchen. I plan to slice it and eat it with fresh squeezed lime. Your sliced peaches look so delicious! :~D

  5. E-mom, We don't have honeydew melon here!! I miss them!! Enjoy!