Monday, July 20, 2009

Tea in my soup bowl…

Each Sunday morning before attending worship team practice I take the time to warm up my voice. Oftentimes I begin that process by drinking tea. I can get two delicious cups of tea from one teabag. However, to do so I have to find my bookmark, set down my songbook, get up off of the couch and walk into the kitchen to make the much needed second cup.

Elegantly poised on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet I found the cute little bowls with handles that I normally reserve for soup. Deciding that I would like get through my warm-up time without needing to trek off to the kitchen for a second cup of tea I chose to use the soup bowl.

I was glad that no one was watching me. I felt a little silly drinking tea out of a soup bowl. But why? Martha Stewart does not live here. She isn’t even coming over for a visit anytime soon. Come to think if it, if she likes tea as much as I do… I would suggest that she relax in her favorite reading chair, with a great book while cherishing a few simple moments of quiet by drinking tea from her soup bowl as well!


  1. I can just seeit. I have a cup that fits all the coffee in the little 4 cup per. It is so heavy if I fill it however. I gets a little cool too. It is nice to have it all at once.

  2. I have a coffee cup from Starbucks (where else!??) that holds as much as a soup bowl. Bruce or the kids will use it occasionally.