Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner at the Old Mill in Ternopil, Ukraine

Last night Tom and I were taken out to dinner by Sasha and his lovely wife, Luda. Sasha is the director of the school here in Ternopil. We were treated to an incredible meal in a Ukrainian restaurant. All of the decorations were antiques and the wait staff dresses in traditional Ukrainian attire.

Tom and I were issued a challenge right off the bat. The appetizer was sala with bread and garlic. We have both tried sala before so that was not new. The challenge from Sasha was: would we be willing to eat it again or face being put on Sasha's black list?! We both passed with flying colors. Sala is basically bacon fat. This particular restaurant melts it into a spread with various spices and all you have to do is put a layer of it on the fresh bread, top that layer with thinly sliced garlic and then enjoy!

After the appetizer of bread and sala we had green borsht:

Our green borscht was presented in the this freshly baked bread!

The yellow is just of bit of butter... once it was stirred it was sooo tasty!!

Take notice of the ceramic cup with no handles. That was our drinking glass. The small wicker container shaped like a shoe held the silverware. Tom had salmon steak with Ternopil potatoes and I had cabbage rolls. It was a great meal, very filling and beautifully presented.

And the time with Sasha and Luda... Priceless!


  1. My only question is: was the garlic raw or cooked?? ;)

    And that soup looked good ... I often put a little pat of butter on cream soups, so yummy!

  2. The garlic was raw...we have had raw garlic every day with at least one meal!

  3. I am glad that you will be vampire - free with all that garlic :-)

    That is a gorgeous borscht.