Thursday, October 08, 2009

in the arms of love...

As I was walking to my Russian lesson today I saw a little girl out near the playground with her grandfather. She was around 4 years old. She was clutching two baby dolls, one in each arm, close to her chest. One doll was white and the other black. That sight still makes me smile when I think back on it!

Perhaps, I was struck by the sight because when I was a little girl black dolls were hard to find. So, to see one in the arms of a little girl here in Russia was just priceless to me.


  1. It was rare even when I was little, but I grew up with two favorite dolls, and one of them was a black cabbage patch doll that I named Mary Anne. She was much prettier than the other doll, too! ;)

  2. I don't know where I got them, but when my girls were little they had two little blak babies that we still have to this day. They happen to be some of their favorite keepsakes.

  3. My DD always had both. The only problem was that our daughters are different shades of black and the manufactures never seem to remember that.