Monday, October 26, 2009

in the classroom...

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Here are a few shots from the classroom where Tom is teaching. The flags on the wall represent the nations of the 11 students attending the school. There are 3 students from Sacramento, California...they are all immigrants to the US from former Soviet Union countries and their English is much better than their Russian! The students range in age from 18-45.

Tom and I are here with 11 students, and 7 staff members in this 3 story house. Everyone seems to be in good spirits despite the fact that yesterday it was announced that the water would be turned off for two days here in this region for maintenance. Last night there was a mad dash to gather up as many buckets, tubs, large pitchers and bowls to hold water for cleaning up and even more important flushing the toilets! Some of the bathrooms have been made off limits to force people to use the outdoor toilet. Our bedroom has its own bathroom so we have a tub and a bucket filled with water. Just another ordinary day here in the former Soviet Union!

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