Thursday, October 01, 2009

it's all good in my 'hood!

Yesterday coming home from teaching I met up with my neighbor, Tanya, who is always feeding the stray cats outside of our building. She is not one of Tom's favorites because we have a lot of stray cats close to our building, due to the free food she provides, who have decided to use the boiler room as their cat box.

Tanya was filled with stories about cats needing to have surgery and how sorry she feels for them. As she was speaking another neighbor, a long distance trucker, walked up behind her carrying a crowbar. He asked me if she had offended me. I laughed and told him everything was fine. He pats the crowbar against his other hand, like they do in the movies, smiled really big and said "if she gives you any trouble just call me!"

We all laughed together and after listening to one more story about cats and discussing our kids, Tanya and I said our goodbyes and I came inside our building. As I reached the 3rd floor where the crowbar carrying truck driver lives with his family, I was just in time to see him having a conversation with his cat about going out of the house or staying in!

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