Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more photos from the conference

Here is Anya translating for Tom. She is a university student there in Novorossisk.

A glimpse of the attendees taking notes...

The buidling where the conference was held...

A small taste of the view that we had up there in the mountains. We were short on time and didn't get in any sight seeing this trip. Tom had to get back home to teach the final session on Words that Hurt Words that Heal. Maybe next time!

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  1. hello
    so good to hear of all the wood work being done'
    be blessed

  2. Interesting blog, I will take a closer look at it later one and will offer a link from my blog to yours. I'm an American who has been living and working in Moscow for over six years and have a blog called "American in Russia" that just started. I am a published writer who has written a few articles about my experiences in Moscow. I sometimes get email from African Americans interested in coming here, but they are so frighten by all they see on the BBC web about racist attacks here. I try to tell them that of course they have to be careful and stay aware of what's going on around them and who is around them, but what Americans do not have to. That I see Africans all the time in Moscow, even saw an African man and his young son in the forest next to my apartment and Africans with Russian boyfriends and girlfriends, but they more or less said I was not telling the truth. You'll find good and bad people everywhere. But anyway, I really enjoyed your blog and will add a link to it from my blog. http://jondayres.blogspot.com/

    Good work.

  3. Jon,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have lived here in Southern Russia since 2005. I have not had one negative incident happen to me but I have heard horror stories from my African friends. I do get stared at each time I leave my apartment and I get my picture taken a lot. But, those who choose to interact with me are kind, curious and interested in hearing why I came to Russia and how it compares to the US.

    It always a treat to hear from other Americans living here in Russia... thanks again for stopping by!