Monday, February 21, 2011

Solar Energy Coming to Belize University

Just saw this article in my news feed this morning... it comes from The Reporter here in Belize.

Japan Offers $20 Million Solar Energy Grid to Belize
The Government of Japan has offered to build a $20 million photo-voltaic solar energy grid on 2.04 acres of land in Belmopan owned by the University of Belize to help supply Belize with clean solar-powered electrical energy.

The University of Belize will take charge of the project when it is completed and will sell the energy from the grid to Belize Electricity Limited. Money from the sale of this energy made from sunlight will be used by the University to fund its programmes.The Government of Belize will retain ownership of the cell farm and turn it over to the University at the end of ten years.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed this week between the University and the Government of Belize explains how the arrangement will work. The University with help from Ministry of Works will maintain and service the panels with help from BEL from time to time. It will take a year for Japanese technicians to make and install the solar panels.

This munificent gift comes to Belize from the government and people of Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, to introduce clean energy to Belize by solar technology. Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis, President Emeritus and now Acting President of the University of Belize, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of UB. Mr. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary, signed on behalf of the Government.“UB is poised to become a leader in clean solar energy in the region,” commented Dr. Lewis. . . “UB students from the Engineering Faculty will, in particular, benefit from being exposed to this cutting edge technology,” she said.

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