Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013!

2013 is here!

As 2012 came to an end it occurred to me that our family has new cultures to Embrace and new traditions to look forward to.  The constant in our life has been change.  We have learned to Embrace the changes and learn from the lessons God provides along the way.  

As part of Embracing the new we chose a different menu for our third New Year's meal here in Belize. We had two Russian salads, two Indian dishes, and an American dessert.  I made Crab salad,Vinegret salad, and a Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free of course!). Meesha made Channa Masala and Tandoori Chicken.  It was quite a feast and the four of us enjoyed every bite!

We reminisced on the lows and highs of 2012 and discussed what we are looking forward to for 2013.  It was such a sweet time.  Although we had plans to go out to a church service and a barbecue afterwards it felt more like a 'stay home' night.  So we watched the fireworks our neighbors set off and enjoyed writing our names with sparklers in the darkness.  

As 2010 came to a close I kept hearing the word Joy and it became my word for 2011.  2012 gave me the word Surrender.  And for 2013 the word Embrace has been put on my heart.  I know that there will be many new things to embrace...people, travel, new ministry opportunities, a change in attitudes and so on.  Experience has taught me that when God gives me a word He has lessons planned for me in relation to that word, so, I choose to joyfully surrender and embrace the words and see what awaits me this year.

May God give you a word for 2013, may He fill your year with joy, love, peace, and good health to enjoy whatever comes your way!

Blessings to you today and all throughout this New Year,


  1. That sounded like quite the feast! Wishing you all the best in 2013. May each of us embrace the challenges to come, the opportunities that may present themselves, and the love of those around us. Happy New Year:)

  2. I love the word "embrace" too! One of the things I felt God tell me as 2012 ended was to give THANKS for the past (but let go of it) and to embrace the future He has for me!

    Happy embracing!