Friday, April 22, 2005

Crocheting, Test results, & Bloggers

I have finished two tube tops and one halter! I wore one today. A blue tube top that looked cute with my jeans. I used 100%mercerized cotton. It was a simple pattern of two rows of single crochet and two rows of double crochet. I chained the vertical length I wanted. Then crocheted until the desired width and sewed the ends together. I'll post pictures when we get settled and I can download the software I need! It's been fun to make something other than a poncho or a baby blanket. I looked at the weather in Krasnodar today. It is 73 degrees F right now.

As I am typing it is 2am here in Ca but only 1pm in Krasnodar! Tom and I have a Russian sleep cycle going on. We should be ok and not have jet lag next week when we get there.

We should have our visas on Saturday. Our tests results came from the lab and were faxed to Rita right away. She called to verify if we wanted our travel documents to arrive on Saturday or Monday. Tom was gone to run more errands so I made the executive decision for Saturday!

I have looked at a lot of blogs today it was fun to see what is out there.

Click Here to see a blog from another Amercian living in Russia. Her Pizza Hut story is priceless!

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