Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Pizza Guy

On Friday night we decided to order pizza. Everyone had a turn cooking during the week so it was time to let someone else do the work. So when the delivery guy gets there he comes to the back patio and yells out to announce his arrival. Raul tells him to come on in and he noticed the accent right away. Where are you from? Russia....no way! Raul and Christine are going to Russia in June to visit orphanages and take supplies and our family leaves next week!

We all crowd around this poor man with questions. What city are you from? Why did you come? How long have you been here? We gather around the map as Vladimir explains where he is from. It's a little city right outside of Krasnodar. He tells us he has friends in Krasnodar from the military who still live there. We all exchange phone numbers and we plan to keep in touch. We found out that there is a Russian Baptist Church in Laguna Hills that he is active in. He was not even supposed to be working at the pizza place anymore but his friend the owner called him because she needed help. We prayed for him and Svetlana, his wife. Then we paid for the pizza and sent him on his way!

Valdimir called on Saturday to give us directions to church... we will be able to go next Sunday we already had a commitment this week.

How exciting a Russian Church!...all because we wanted pizza for dinner.
Isn't God good?

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