Friday, April 08, 2005

Seeing friends

We had dinner yesterday with Greg and Tammy. We spent today with Nicholas and Lucinda. It feels good to connect with friends.

I got an email from Erin today about our trip to Rome this summer. Since I will be living in Russia and will travel from there I actually need permission to leave the country. Erin sent the travel date of June 30 for her. I still have not heard back from our field supervisor. I think he is in Singapore. Hopefully, I will get the documents I need to travel to Rome. I have been looking up places that I want to see. I think Rhianna and I will just have to take walking tours of the city. She will be six months old by then and I will have her stroller. Erin will be working long days so the baby and I will get to have all the fun!

Spencer is worried about not getting his HIV test results back yet. We need them to get the visas for Russia. We called the doctor's office again to light a fire under someone. Hopefully it worked. Anyway, we told Spencer the worst case scenario is one parent, one son and one dog will go early and one parent, one son and one dog will wait for his visa. I think he bought it. But tomorrow is another day!

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