Monday, April 18, 2005

Russian Church in Laguna Niguel

What a day!

We attended a Russian speaking church today. The service was just like being back in Krasnodar. Did we understand what was going on? No... well, got the jist but word for word no! The music was great. And the speaker was passionate. We did have a translator for the second message. Yes, I said second message. The service lasted from 2-4 pm. We were given the chance to speak about our upcoming trip. Victor translated for us. He is a friend of the pizza guy, Vladimir. So many people came up to us after the service. Many were in tears telling us stories about family members who are alcoholics back home in Russia. They were so thrilled that an American family cared about their homeland and their people. One woman spoke to us for a few minutes in Russian and then ended in English saying"you go, I pray! "

I was told that Lida is a Russian name so I should keep my name... Alida. But Tom is an American name. He should change his! I have heard before that Alida is a European name. When I was working at the bank I heard from older women that it was their mother's or Aunt's name.

After picking up Nathan from his friend Mark's house where he spent the weekend....

We headed to Oksana and Nik's house for a Russian dinner. It was a feast. We were teased a lot and felt so loved. Oksana wanted us to ask for dishes in Russian. They corrected our pronunciation each time we attempted to speak their language and laughed quite heartily when we made mistakes! We really had a great time with them all.

We leave for Krasnodar on Wednesday. We are eager to get going. We already have dinner plans for Saturday night. Hospitality is the Russian way!

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