Tuesday, January 30, 2007

all in a day...

Early this morning around 5 AM, the wind was blowing very hard and one of our screens was about to blow off. Tom fixed it and went back to bed. Before Tom left for school this morning he noticed that two of our screens were down so Spencer went out to find them. We were lucky. Spencer found them both. We lost one in the last wind storm. We didn't notice it was down soon enough and someone must have walked away with it.

Lena was back at work today after taking time off to care for Yanna while Ira was in the hospital. I had to write an essay about "I am grateful to God because". I wrote it out last night and then Lena helped me with my spelling errors and grammar mistakes. I wrote about the dreams I had for traveling when I was younger. Growing up I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to live in a foreign country. I was excited when we moved to California from Kansas and were able to travel throughout California. There are so many beautiful cities there... I was content and thought that we were truly blessed. I feel even more grateful for the chance to live and work abroad!

After spending time with Lena I needed to go to the supermarket. Nathan and I were about to head out when I decided we should call to see if Olya needed anything. We picked up baby food and bread and dropped it off for her on our way home.

Spencer and Andrew are playing video games. Nathan is reading in his room and Tom is doing his homework. Just another day in Krasnodar!

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