Tuesday, January 02, 2007


We spent the day in Axtirka. Sasha and his wife Tanya have a fitness center. They invited us to come work out and spend the day with them.

Tim, Joy, Hannah, TJ, Spencer, Tom and I drove out together to this small city of 40,000. It was a nice day today... not very cold. And no snow on the ground.

We ate dinner with the team from Axtirka, including Tom and Carol who came in from Krasnodar on the train. Sasha also invited Andrei and Valera. Andrei brought his wife and two daughters. We had duck and five different salads. Spencer said that "duck is something he never would have tried in the US".

At the fitness center, which is located right across from the only post office in town, Tom and Spencer got in a good work out. They tried all of the available equipment. There was a treadmill, weight bench, stationary bike and an elliptical trainer. I tried the stationary bike for a bit but quickly decided I had no desire to work up a sweat. I, along with Sveta and Alexei H. from the BLTC, who joined us at the fitness center, decided to go to the massage beds. It was NICE! The beds are heated and there is a device that goes from your head to below the buttocks giving you a spinal massage for 40 minutes. After that we had tea and dessert while watching nature videos.

Neither Spencer nor I took our cameras. We will just have to go again!

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