Monday, October 27, 2008

finally back up and running!

Just after I checked email and posted to the blog last week our computer crashed...We have just had one adventure after another here lately!  

The plumbing is finally fixed.  
The wall paper just needs to be reglued down.
Tom fixed the lights on the balcony.
The computer crashed the same day.

Our friend Lena B. told me that her husband Valera could fix anything that could possibly go wrong with a computer... and we are so grateful to him for saving us from having to purchase a new hard drive! He even installed some programs that we didn't have before.  He said it took longer for him because he installed everything for us in English! 

I will be able to write more later when I can think clearly.  It is after one am... Valera just left.  And I have 136 emails to answer!


  1. Hey Alida,
    I have tagged you. Go to my blog to find out what that means.

  2. Alida, your blog is so attractive and I keep remembering the weight loss countdown gadget you had up. I'm interested in that very thing. Where to find it? Your source - I'd be interested. But wonder if I can be as brave as you were to post it? Anyhoo, CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal weight. Good 4 U.

    Thanks, ee

    PS: How's your son in Kiev? Oh, I'm heading there Thurs for Nov. I'll keep my eyes open for him (haha).

  3. Glad you're back up and running! How frustrating to have so many things needing to be fixed all at once!