Thursday, October 02, 2008

running errands...

Tom and I spent this afternoon getting his passport translated into Russian. This was a requirement to opening a bank account here in Krasnodar. The translation took about 40 minutes...however that combined with the translation office closing for their daily break meant that we had two hours to kill before his passport would be available.

We walked over to Krasnaya, the main street here that everyone likes to stroll down. And on the way there we found this cute little café. I had a Russian pancake filled with feta cheese and tomatoes and Tom had spaghetti with bacon.

We discovered that Teacher's Day was being celebrated at the Concert Hall. It was fun to see the teachers lined up to have their photos taken!

It is traditional here to leave flowers on monuments...

There was a wonderful exhibit of artwork by students from various schools!

This piece was done by a 12 year old!

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After picking up Tom's documents we went to have them notarized and then off to the bank to open the account. It was definitely a full day!


  1. I love seeing the pictures around town! Thanks for posting them.

  2. Great photos!

    Thanks for a peek into your daily life!

  3. Spencer left his old camera here and it is small enough to fit in my purse! I hope to be able to include more shots from around the city in the days to come!