Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thought for Today

We are a family of readers... Earlier this week I was reading a book of lists called Lists to Live By and came across this list that truly spoke to my heart!

17 Ways to Encourage Reading
1. visit the library
2. watch movies of classics
3. create a reading nook
4. listen to books on tape
5. act out stories together
6. be a reading role model
7. get your child a journal to record his/ her
thoughts and read them again later
8. read classic books aloud
9. subscribe to children's magazines
10. help your child write and illustrate his own book
11. tolerate comic books
12. keep reading time quiet
13. pursue special interests through books
14. attend a book signing
15. break long books into manageable chunks
16. visit bookstores
17. introduce series books

Some of my favorite memories as a family come from pursuing our common interest in books... you can ask Spencer about getting lost in Beverly Hills looking for the LA Book Festival. Or ask Nathan about being in line at midnight to get the latest Harry Potter book! We love books, yes we do!

PS. the leak in the kitchen: two plumbers came out yesterday and after looking at the leak left to go get their boss... we have not seen them since. We have a call in to find out if they are coming back today. The saga continues!


  1. Mmmm...a good book truly is honey for a reader's heart! I think my hubby would love to make a big bonfire out of my 2500+ books, but I just adore them. I love, love, LOVE to read and actually just finished a book that I thought you may be interested in (before I realized you were a reader). It is called Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie and it's about the last tsar and tsaritsa before the downfall of Russia into communism. VERY GOOD BOOK! HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!

  2. I hope that I can find this at our bookstore here... they just started selling books in English!

    Thanks for the recommendation, I love reading things others enjoy!