Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thought for Today

“Today, let’s educate ourselves. Let’s take a class. Let’s read newspapers, books, magazines. Let’s ask questions and get involved with issues. Let’s learn about the environment, politics, sociology, philosophy, psychology or any other discipline that interests us. An education opens the door to a world of opportunity. All we have to do is turn the key.”
Carleen Brice, author of Walk Tall, Affirmations for People of Color

This affirmation for today reminded me about a friend who has started taking German lessons again. She is 50. I pray that I will always be open to learning new things!


  1. I love reading your blog. I'm assuming because it hasn't been updated that you are still computerless!
    Bednee Sharps!

  2. Thank you for quoting from Walk Tall. Glad to have found your blog!