Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thought for Today

I have a book called Women of Prayer. It is an anthology of everyday prayers from women around the world. It was complied by Dorothy Stewart. As I was reading this week I came across one that I wanted to share with you all today:

Loving like a mother, trusting like a child

Mother me, my Father
That I may step unbowed
From safe with your haven
To face a hostile crowd.

Mother me, my Father,
And help ease the pain
Of taunts and tears and teasing
And make me love again.

Mother me, my Father,
With hands so deeply scarred,
That I may touch some other
Whose suffering is hard.

Mother me, my Father,
That all my life be styled
On loving like a mother
And trusting like a child.

Helena McKinnon

Each day as I seek to deepen relationships with the young women around me I find myself between these two positions: I want to love them as a mother loves her children constantly seeking God to meet their needs in a healthy way and I have to trust in the strength of God as a nursing child trusts in their mother to provide the nourishment I need for my daily tasks and my own spiritual growth!

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  1. Wow, this is an awesome prayer. I live overseas too and get the looks and laughter frequently. Thanks for sharing this!