Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the everything for 40 Rubles Store

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Tom and I went out to the Mega Mall today to pick up some energysaving lightbulbs. As we were walking around the mall we spotted a 40 Ruble store. At today's exchange rate it would be the Everything for One Dollar and Twenty One Cents Store. We found ear plugs, an elbow brace, a pill box... just to name a few.

When Tom teaches he likes to use props. He had already found a compass he needed for a teaching he will be doing next month. And while we were at the 40 Ruble store he found his second prop... a pregnancy test. Now neither one of us looks like a spring chicken anymore, so can you imagine the look on the cashier's face when I paid for the pregnancy test??!! She looked me up and down, smirked and keyed in the item. As soon as we got out of the store I explained to Tom what she had done.

I would love to hear the version of the story that she told her friends after we left the store!!


  1. That is so funny! And BTW I love a good 40 rubles store.

  2. Hey, don't sell yourself short! You've still got plenty of spring chicken left in you. -Blythe

  3. Thanks Blythe!! LOL

    Joann, on the inside it reminded me of Big Lots!

  4. LOL! That's so cool! The story and the store, that is! :-) Those are the kinds of things, that make me blush even at the thought of buying--that's why I love the self-checkout line at Wal-Mart!!! :-)

  5. Jen, it really was funny!! One of my my Russian friends came over today and saw the test on my desk. She had a concerned look on her face when she asked me if I needed it!! LOL

    My baby turns 19 next month... I have no desire to start over!