Monday, March 09, 2009

Foiled Again!

Tom was scheduled to leave Kiev today so that he could get back to Krasnodar and get ready for the seminar he is scheduled to teach in Yakustk next week.

We went over to the Russian Embassy to pick up our visas only to discover that they are closed today for a holiday. I showed the security guard that we were scheduled for a pick up today and he politely informed me that whatever was written on that paper had no meaning! No one but him was working so there was no one to give us our documents.

Ah, the joy of visa renewal!! And we chose to laugh about it with our taxi driver instead of getting angry. Everyone we dealt with last week assured us that Monday was our pick up day. Obviously, it just didn't click in their minds that today was a holiday.

So there you have it... Tom will be here until Wednesday with plenty of time to make his connecting flight on Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Now it will take two days to recover from holiday...if it is anything like we experienced.