Friday, March 20, 2009

Seedless Grapes and Sushi

At our local supermarket, Tabris, I found sushi that was very fresh... it had just been set out 15 minutes before I got there. The wasabi was just what I needed to help clear my sinuses!

The grapes that I found were actually the normal sized grapes you see in the states. Normally the seedless grapes that we find in our outdoor market are small.

The supermarket shelves were not all as full as they have been in the past. It looks as if they are ordering less. However, the number of people in the store has not changed they must be like me... simply buying a bit less!

Tom update:
Tom will be speaking to the youth group on Saturday and he has been asked to speak during the morning service on Sunday. He has also been scheduled to return to Yakutsk in December to speak on Boundaries.

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  1. What is Tom thinking? Yakutsk in December?! I can hardly wait to see the pictures from that trip!!!!!!

    We really miss you guys.