Thursday, January 28, 2010

locks and keys

For several days our front door has been tricky to open. Tom tried to lubricate it to see if that would fix it. But, no such luck.

Spencer came home the other night and he could not get the door open. His key would not turn and he could not get it out of the door. Tom had to take off the back panel to reach the lock itself.

Without the panel on the door it is just a shell of metal.

Tom took the lock apart to open the door.

We had to use the slider to keep the door locked.
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We needed to find a repairman to come out and tell us where or not we needed a new door or if we could just put in a new lock. Anotoly, the repairman came and decided that a new lock could be put on the door. He went with Tom and Spencer over to a little hardware store in the market not far from our building to see if there were any locks available there.

They only lock they were able to find fits the bottom part of the door so the top lock still does not work. But, Tom has the door put back together and we are safe and secure once again!

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