Friday, July 12, 2013

Impressions of Pune...

Yesterday was our first full day in India.  We are so very thrilled to be here.  And so grateful for the gifts and prayers that made this trip possible.  If you follow me on Facebook check out my album, First Impressions of India (just click on the title to go directly there) to see all of the photos of our first day!

I should be asleep but for some reason, probably jet lag, I am struggling to turn off my brain.  So I decided maybe it would be better to just jot down a few words about our day.

Spencer and Meesha took us out to eat and run a few errands.  Here's a bit of a recap with photos...

We ate paper dosas for the first time:

Lucky for me they are naturally gluten free!

 there were several different fillings that we tried...

You just tear off a piece of the dosa, put in your filling, and eat!!

We went for our first rickshaw ride:
 Rickshaws are a fast and easy way to get around the city...

Meesha told the driver we wanted to pay by the meter so that we would get a fair price...

We got up close and personal with a few cows as we rode along checking out the sites:

We even shopped a bit at the mall.  Tom and I picked up a few books, a puzzle for him to work on, and a few Indian outfits for me.

And we ended our first day relaxing and laughing with the Soares family.  What a blessing it has been to meet them in real life and get to know them in person!

I wonder what other treasured experiences our time here will hold!?!


  1. Hope you will post pictures of you in your Indian outfits! Love all the stories...I know you're having such fun!

    1. I'll have to make sure I get someone to take my picture!!!